Last updated September 24, 2020 

Volunteers may have access to participants’ confidential information as they carry out their job duties.  In doing so they are obligated to take precautions to ensure such information is used only as intended. 

What’s confidential information? 

  • Name in associations with a program 
  • Address  
  • Phone number 
  • Household 
  • Health information 
  • Diagnosis 
  • Treatment 
  • Status 
  • Insurance 
  • Daily schedule 
  • Income level 

What is my responsibility in handling confidential information? 

  • Do not discuss clients and their situations with anyone, including your friends, family, and acquaintances, unless it is required for the delivery of program services or you have explicitly been given permission to do so by the client 
  • Honor the participant’s wishes regarding release of information 
  • Not sure if they have given permission for their information to be shared with their family members?  Then do not provide any information to their family members. 
  • Limit the disclosure of information to those with a need to know  
  • Program staff 
  • Auditors 
  • Adult Protective Services if you suspect abuse, neglect, or exploitation 
  • Law enforcement if you think that a crime is being committed or someone’s safety s in imminent danger 
  • Disclose the least amount of information necessary to accomplish your goal 
  • If you are given hard or electronic documents containing participants’ confidential information, return them to the source or destroy as soon as you have completed your volunteer assignment 
  • Do not throw away any client information in the garbage without shredding them first. 
  • Must have current antiviral software 
  • Must be secured from access by unauthorized users 
  • If you need to send an email with confidential information, either encrypt the email or ask the Meals on Wheels staff member to send you a secure message, to which you can reply 

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